Just a little common sense will do

Things to always remember.

Herbs are not the end all be all. They are the best part of what we have to keep us healthy.

There are so much more one is responsible for. Like regular doctor visits,exercise, eating as healthy as you possibly know how, & when you are sick chemical meds will help your body to recover quickly from your sickness. Staying on chemicals is what hurts us in the long run. Our bodies are just not made to accept them over a long period of time.

Just because it is a herb does not mean it is good for you. take the time and learn your body and what it needs. There are evaluations all over the web now one can find. Then incorporate the right herbs into your daily regimen to stay healthier and stronger.

Always consult your doctor & pharmacist to make sure any medication will not have a side effect with any herb you may to try.

Herbs are good, Herbs are safer than chemicals, & our bodies are designed to accept and work with the molecular structure of herbs.

Just use your common sense. PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. Here here!

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