How to do a facial at home

An in home facial is a wonderful thing and

so less expensive than going to a spa.

It is better to have a facial lunch date with a friend where you take turns giving each other a facial but not needed.

When I do one,  Here is how I keep down on the mess and keep it warm so my pores stay open and I get the most from my facial.

I have a shower curtain I bought at the Dollar Store. I lay it over the pillows where I am going to be resting for the facial.

I have a small table by the location.

I usually already have my herb mixture ground to a powder and in a jar.

I now mix up what ever recipe I have decided to use

I usually go with an Organic Yogurt, lavender,oatmeal,honey, & cucumber.

I wash my face to have it clean for the facial. Now I heat up my water to where is as warm as I can stand to put my hands in. Put it on the table. with a wash cloth.

 In the mirror I apply my facial. I have made it on the thick side so it will stay on while I am standing. When my face and not the eyes are completely coverd I warm the wash cloth in the water, I lay back, & place the cloth over my face and just float away.

When the cloth cools down I just warm it up in the water again.

I usually do this for about 20- 45 minutes. It is sooo divine & the best feeling in the world.

For the eyes you can use tea bags or cucumber slices .

I love doing this when I can just take a beauty day for me and no one is home to distract my relaxation time.

Enjoy and let me know how your facial works for you or any tips you can share would be a very good thing.

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