Cold Weather is here and so Is Dry Skin

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Cold weather is here and so is Dry Skin.

A very gentle and safe body scrub or facial to use is..

Take steel-cut oats oatmeal,grind to a powder.

add a teaspoon of cold pressed Olive oil.

mix with 2 tablespoons of organic plain yogurt.

To clean and moisturize the body use on a washing cloth while in the shower. Rinse and then pat skin dry.

For a facial,

smooth over entire facial area,missing the eyes.

Heat two green tea mint teabags and a face cloth in hot but not boiling water. Make sure it is not hot enough to burn your hands when you wring out the cloth.

Sit back place teabags over eyes, facial cloth over face and breathe deep and just relax for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Would love some feed back on what you think of this recipes if you try it. Just e- mail me or come back here and leave a comment in the comment box.


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One thought on “Cold Weather is here and so Is Dry Skin

  1. Angela

    I have done this facial, and use this on my face daily. I have never been so happy with my skin! Even if I forget my moisturizer, no worries! I have very dry skin, and have been looking for the perfect product for many years. I typically spend about $90 each, just on facial cleanser and moisturizer. I can’t believe the answer was right under my nose, and so inexpensive! I think of all the money I could have been saving. But no regrets! Having spent so much money and frustration in the past, makes me really appreciate these products! Thank you so much!

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