Easy Peezy Herbal Skin Care

Who doesn’t like easy???

Just think about it…..

Our bodies are made to naturally accept herbs.

If you think you may be allergic to a herb put a little on the back of your hand and see if your skin gets red or itchy or both. then just wash it off and that herb is not for you.

We all have our favorite skin care products and I am not saying give it up and go herbal. By no stretch of the imagination. I am asking that you just try herbs and see if you like the difference they bring to your skin care regiment.

personally for me they work better than anything I get off the shelf. One, when you mix your own, you know it is fresh. Two, it is gentle but effective and seems to make the skin glow!!! And Three, Fresh is always BEST!!!

For dry to normal skin I use two cups of steel-cut oats, 1 cup of lavender,1cup of chamomile,and 1 cup of Calendula flower petals. I grind these to a powder with a coffee grinder and mix together and pour into a pretty decorative jar. I make herbal mesh scrub bags to use the mixture in for the shower or bath. I am a no muss,no fuss kinda gal.

For a facial, honey, organic yogurt, or even a strong green tea is good to mix the herbs with. click the picture below to visit my herbal mixture  page.

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