Herbal info Pg. 2

Herbs for skin care.

The herbs I list here are herbs I have tried and had

no problem with any kind of reaction to using the herbs

on me or any of my friends when we get together for a relaxation day.

to visit page one and the herbs listed there just click the picture below

Calendula – Marigolds

The plant received its name from the romans because it bloomed on the first day of “Calends”.

this Herb is similar to Witch Hazel due to its natural infection fighting abilities. It also has a natural amount of iodine in it.

For using in body care it is an anti-inflamatory. So, where you are puffy and having any kind of break outs it is a very good herb to use.

Rose Hips

This little super herb is soooo over looked.

It packed full of vitamin “C” I bio-flavonoids naturally.

This little herb has over 60 more times of vitamin “C” than a lemon. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. It helps to prevent skin damage and wrinkles by soaking                                            up harmful free radicals.

In beauty care this little herb ground into a powder and mixed for topical skin care will rejuvenate & repair damaged skin cells, help with healthy tissue regeneration, and help fight against wrinkles. It is a little super herb.

Did you know that without vitamin “C” we could not live.

This is a great herb to keep around and close at hand for those pampering days when you treat yourself

to a little self-love.


The herb of remembrance.

People with epilepsy should never use large doses of this herb or just not use it at all.

 is a great ingredient to use in anti-aging creams, as it has excellent toning and binding effects on loose, sagging skin, while at the same time increasing blood flow which in turn promotes proper skin function.

It helps to relieve skin congestion and the diuretic attributes help to reduce puffiness and swelling, resulting in firmer skin and better skin tone. It promotes a healthy-looking complexion. Mixed with Calendula it is awesome for arthritic joints and sore muscles.

In a hair rinse  for dark hair, it will strengthen hair & in some cases prevent hair  loss.

A lot of the info from my herbal knowledge comes from this little book.

Click the picture to visit the site.

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