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February’s Herb of the Month is…..

The Lemon Tree.

I grew this one from seed. watch video to learn how I did it. The video will blur from time to time . Still have to work with the focus menu on my new cam. Over all the picture and sound quality is soooo much Better. I likey.

Hope you do too.

Click the picture to go to my You Tube Channel and enjoy:)

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January’s Video’s

I have been asked a few times this month about what is a good recipe to use for children with eczema skin and sensitive skin. Here is the video that is good for just about any skin type and what to use in place of Lavender if it is too strong for sensitive skin. Let me know what you think and I hope it helps.

Click the picture to watch the videos.


Yes I grew this Aloe and you can too. Just watch.

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Herbal Tinctures

A tincture is a liquid extract of a herb. It is made by soaking herbs in a drinkable alcohol. We use a mixture of organic grain alcohol and distilled water to get the require strength of approximately 55% alcohol.

I got this recipe and info from the Herbal Companion newsletter.

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