Ms. Scarlet Faith & what makes me qualified?

I am a single Grandmother.

I live with my middle son and his wife and am helping with raising and caring for my grandson. Who in my opion needs two villages to accomplish this but

we will make do with just us.

I received my Surgical Technology Degree in 1984.

I was trained in how to create and maintain a sterile field.

I know the difference between A- spetically clean and sterile. Worked in the medical field from 1977 to 1990.

Certified in massage through Southern Regional hospital in Clayton County, Ga. while working with comatose patients.

2004  I completed a herbalist program on how to use herbs and understanding the health benefits and how to teach others of the side effects to be aware of.

I continually study and learn and never know enough.

With the data we can eaisly acess through the internet now I read and study as much as possible. I also blog and e-mail other Herbalist and skin care professionals to have evn more access to help make sure you get the best possible Organic, vegan , Skin Care possible.

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