Why I do it this way & How to contact me

My Face book Page. Click the picture to go there.

Do not forget to like me.

Send me your face book page and let me like you back.

I love to make new friends.

This is the website for Beautiful Body By faith.

Yes you do click here, then click to another page for all the product info,then click to the Etsy store to buy.

 Why do I do it this way?????

I starting my business on free and spending les than $50.00 a week to see how far I can get this start-up. My Wix site is free and will not let me use Google analytics unless I pay a monthly fee.

Google however, will let me setup a free site and use google analytics for free. hence click to my Google, then to my Wix, and then to Etsy. I love the Wix site and there are a lot of cool features to make my site professional and pleasing looking to the eye. One of the biggies for building a reputable business that everyone will trust.

Click the picture above  to visit there.

I share a store with my mom, Truly Dorothy.

This is the Etsy store.

Please click the picture to visit there.

This is my You Tube channel where you will find videos on what products I use to make my Silky Smooth Body creams, how to care for your skin with simple healthy for your skin items from the kitchen, and so much more.

Take a look and keep checking back to see new postings. Aww, Heck just favorite all the pages and you can just click there any time and so easily.

Last but not least you can also contact me through Twitter.

Just… You guessed it,click the picture to go there.

Click here and follow me on twitter.

See what all the chirping is about.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please, favorite this blog & like my Face book.

This helps me to be found and listed in the organic parts of the search engine listings.

have a blessed week.

Ms.  Scarlet Faith

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