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New year/New look/Million Dollar Year Here We Come

The ball has already begun to roll.

Not only are Etsy store sales picking up but I now have a local location where my products are being sold.

Blessings are good. Just click the picture if you want to visit the website.

And a couple of Beautiful Body parties

coming up in February.

I would say a very good start to my Million Dollar Year!!!!

Here is the my retail shelf at Tammy’s I am sooo happy:)

It is My Million Dollar Year, Baby!!!

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A great tip of the day

 know where you’re going

As stated above, many small business owners

(in fact I would say most from
our experience)

are in business as a result of habit rather than on a clearly
defined journey toward a destination of their choice. Can you imagine a
potential Olympic athlete who approaches his or her

sport with the idea of, “If
I turn up to training a few times I might win a race or

get selected on the team
and I could even win an Olympic gold medal one day.”

As we all know, an athlete requires far greater

dedication to achieve Olympic
Gold and so do you if you are going to be successful

in your own enterprise.
Having said this, however, it’s important to realize

the size of obtaining your
“gold” may seem overwhelming so, like the potential

Olympian, you have to break
down the big picture into manageable chunks so

you can see how far you have come.

Little build your business article I receive.

if you would like to read please click picture and visit link.

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